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Who we are” is an online store that offers specialized services in nib and fountain pen repair.

Measures to take before sending in your nib or fountain pen

•It is important that you contact by email before you place your request. Use the email to send us one or two pictures of the nib or fountain pen that needs to be repaired, make sure that the pictures show as much of the details of the damage as possible.

•When you send your nib or fountain pen, protect it as much as possible to avoid any damages that might occur during shipping.

•In the same package in the customs documentation, expressly indicate “no commercial value” item. The content of the package include “fountain pen parts” that need to be repaired.


Where you can find us

Our office is in Lisbon, Portugal


You can realize your payments through a bank transfer will not be held responsible in the following circumstances

•Damages resulting from the shipment of any items, when receiving or returning. For example: lost, stolen, or damaged items, customs return, taxes and tariffs, and in general any incident generated by mail/courier services or transport agency, (except those that are legally covered by the conditions of the cited transportation company).

•Vintage nibs and fountain pens can have hidden defects or inherent wear due to the age of the item. Because of this, despite the extreme care to preserve the integrity of the received items, will not be held responsible for the possible damages suffered in the process of repairing vintage items.

•The time estimated to complete the nib/fountain pen repairs are approximations and can vary. Because of this, the time mentioned in the process of the purchasing of the service does not constitute a contract. However, any variation that may occur in the process will be communicated to the client as soon as possible.

•Do not send high value boxes or bulky packaging, given that we cannot guarantee the return of these items.

•Packages received without previous contact from the client through email may be rejected and returned by without completing any work.

•The shipment costs of receiving and returning, such as in the case returning rejected items, will be paid for by the client.

•Jurisdiction: The parties are subject to the laws and courts of Lisbon.

•Any work received, in progress or completed by, implies total acceptance by part of the client to the standards and responsibilities stated above.