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  • Re-tipping

    Integrate a new point for a nib, sizes: F, M, B. 80€
    Integrate a new point for a nib, sizes: XF, OM, OB and Stub. 90€
    Integrate a new point for a nib: 2B 100€
    Integrate a new point for a nib: 3B and oblique variants. 120€
    Bespoke”: Specific to your case.

  • Regrind

    Reducing the thickness of the point one step, for example reducing a point from a medium point to a fine point, or from a broad point to a medium point: (starting from an existing point) example M to F, or B to M. (not including the cost of a new Retipp).60€

  • Nib geometry

    Adjust the shape (repair a nib that has been dropped, hit or has an impaired tip) The price depends on the complexity of the repair, it might be a small alignment of teeth or a deeper setting that requires fire, hammer and anvil double head. 60€-90€ (Does not include the cost of a new Retipp).

  • Cracks and “Hair lines``

    In these cases, it is appropriate get an estimate before sending in the item, in order to consider whether it is appropriate or not to do a complicated repair: From 60€ to 120€, (Does not include the cost of a new Retipp). These types of repairs usually occur with vintage nibs, frequently on flexible ones; repair complexity depends on the size of the crack, its location and whether it affects the engraving.

  • Ink-flow adjustment

    When ink-flow stops after a short period of intensive use, or conversely, there is too much ink flow that leads to ink drops and dripping during writing, this implies that adjustments need to be made to the feeder and housing. This requires you to provide the entire fountain pen. 40€ to 60 € (Does not include the price of a new Retipp).


Time for re-tipping is 30 business days from receipt of the order. Other services should ask